Workshop Overview

February 22nd – 23rd, Uppsala, Sweden

The RoboCup Humanoid League is targeting soccer games as a challenging benchmark in bipedal robotics design and control. For the year 2050 plans foresee a game against the 2050 human soccer champion. In the process of reaching this goal and in order to remain challenging for teams repeatedly participating in the league, the leagues’ rule book frequently increases the difficulty of the game laws. In order to give teams security in planning investments and research projects in advance and to have a clear path towards enabling robots to play against humans, the Technical Committee developed a Humanoid Roadmap in 2014. While this roadmap was a good first step, different challenges arose when trying to implement it: Research questions driving the league development remained unclear, the bigger picture was lost in technical details and foreseen changes turned out unrealistic given the pace of development in the league. The Technical Committee started the process of redesigning the roadmap in the beginning of 2018. So far, discussion sessions were held at RoboCup 2018 and iROS 2018 and an online questionnaire was developed and submitted to the league and the trustees.

In this workshop, the input that has been gathered during last year is reviewed and discussed and participants work together in smaller groups and panel discussions to derive a structure and wording for the new roadmap. The goal of the workshop is to have a first draft of a roadmap ready that can be discussed within the Humanoid league and group of Trustees afterwards.

Researchers, students and professionals already participating in RoboCup, planning to participate in the future or interested in Humanoid Benchmarking in general are welcome to attend the workshop.

This workshop is funded and supported by the RoboCup Federation.