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Team Parand (Kid Size)

Team Team Parand (Kid Size)
Contact Rahmaan Barouj
Postal address Department of Computer and Mechanic Engineering, Parand Islamic Azad University, Parand, Tehran, Iran
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQW2FxHB-4I
Team description paper Team_Parand_Humanoid_KidSize_2015_TDP.pdf
Title: Parand Humanoid KidSize Team Description Paper RoboCup 2015 Humanoid Kid-Size Robot League
Authors: Navid Fayaz, Ahmad Amiri, Farzad Nadiri
Abstract: This paper is written to introduce Parand robotic team in Robocup international competitions which is taking part in China .This document will give brief information about this team researches in hardware and software field.During the current year team worked on implementing better stability, balance and vision algorithms and also designing natural motions and more accurate walking algorithms in participation with engine’s output.
Robot specifications Team_Parand_Humanoid_KidSize_2015_Specs.pdf

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