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VATIO UP-UTM (Kid Size (drop-in))

Team VATIO UP-UTM (Kid Size (drop-in))
Contact Roberto Carlos Ramirez
Postal address Prol. Calz. Circ. Pte. 49 | Ciudad Granja, 45010 | Zapopan, JAL
Video https://youtu.be/XGYXkfXnZhM
Team description paper VATIO_UP_UTM_Humanoid_KidSize_drop_in_2018_TDP.pdf
Title: VATIO UP-UTM Team Description Paper for Humanoid KidSize Drop-In competition RoboCup 2018
Authors: R. Ramirez, E. Hernandez, J. Alcantar, A. Petrilli
Abstract: This document describes the hardware and software of the Humanoid Robot Team VATIO UP-UTM and their development since the last participation in Robocup kid size humanoid league, and the contribution of new team members from other institutions. This is the sixth generation of robots developed and designed by the team Pioneros Mexico, and this was the first Mexican team entry in humanoid league of Robocup in 2006.
Robot specifications VATIO_UP_UTM_Humanoid_KidSize_drop_in_2018_Specs.pdf

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