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I-KID (Kid Size (regular+drop-in))

Team I-KID (Kid Size (regular+drop-in))
Contact Wang Jun
Postal address Beijing Information Science & Technology University,Qing He Xiao Ying East RD No.12,Haidian Dist,Beijing,China
Video https://youtu.be/XXDB27CKLmE
Team description paper I_KID_Humanoid_KidSize_regular_drop_in_2018_TDP.pdf
Title: Team Description Paper for Team I-KID Robocup 2018
Authors: Wang Jun,Yan Bixi,Gai Na,Ning Siheng
Abstract: In this Team Description Paper,we describe the main changes of our humanoid robot for RoboCup 2018 Canada,We mainly expatiate on the improvement of the algorithm of the robot in ball detection,the alorithm improvement on target tracking,the new design of robot mechanical protection that aim to improve the performance of the robot.
Robot specifications I_KID_Humanoid_KidSize_regular_drop_in_2018_Specs.pdf

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