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Baset Adult-Size (Adult Size)

Team Baset Adult-Size (Adult Size)
Contact Dr. Esfandiar Bamdad
Postal address Humanoid Robotic Laboratory, Robotic Center, Baset Pazhuh Tehran cooperation. | No383, Jalale-ale-ahmad Ave., Tehran, IRAN. P. O. Box 14636-75871. |
Video http://youtu.be/6HXf8PC_zvg
Team description paper Baset_Adult_Size_Humanoid_AdultSize_2015_TDP.pdf
Title: Baset Adult-Size 2015 Team Description Paper
Authors: Farazi, Hafez and Hosseini, Mojtaba and Mohammadi, Vahid and Jafari, Farhad and Rahmati, Donya and Bamdad, Esfandiar
Abstract: This document introduces Baset Humanoid team for participating in Humanoid Adult-Size League in RoboCup 2015. Our humanoid adult-size team is mainly based on our team member’s previous developments and experiences in Baset Teen-Size [1] team, which ranked 1st in humanoid Teen-Size and ranked 3rd in humanoid Kid-Size at RoboCup 2015 (Joao Pessoa, Brazil). Our main research interests within the scope of the humanoid robots are robust real-time vision and object recognition, localization, navigation, and human interaction.
Robot specifications Baset_Adult_Size_Humanoid_AdultSize_2015_Specs.pdf

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