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Snobots (Kid Size)

Team Snobots (Kid Size)
Contact Jacky Baltes
Postal address EITC E2-402, Dept. of Computer Science | University of Manitoba
Video http://youtu.be/C2MtvTViacQ
Team description paper Snobots_Humanoid_KidSize_2015_TDP.pdf
Title: The Snobots: Jimmy, Jennifer, Jeff, and Jose
Authors: Jacky Baltes \and Chris Iverach-Brereton \and Amirhossein Hosseinmemar \and Brittany Postnikoff \and Jasaon Martin
Abstract: This paper describes our current kid-sized humanoid robot football team, consisting of four DARwIn-OP robots: \jimmy, \jennifer, \jeff, and \jose. Mechanically our robots are standard DARwIn-OP models modified to include gripper hands and FSR sensors in the feet. On this platform we have implemented heavily-customised algorithms for vision-processing, localisation, and path-planning. We have competed with these robots at RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven and 2014 in Jo\~ao Pessoa. In both 2013 and 2014 we placed third in the Technical Challenge.
Robot specifications Snobots_Humanoid_KidSize_2015_Specs.pdf

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