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1st Draft of 2015 Rules

Based on the Humanoid League Proposed Roadmap, the discussions and votes during RoboCup 2014 in João Pessoa, Brazil, and careful considerations the Technical Committee releases the first rule draft for the RoboCup 2015 competition in Hefei, China. It is available for download at the Humanoid League homepage.

The following major changes are introduced:

  • The playing field uses artificial green grass.
  • The Kid Size ball is changed to a FIFA size 1 ball.
  • The ball in all size classes is at least 50% white.
  • The goals are white.
  • The goal width in all size classes has been reduced.
  • Goals may only be scored from the respective half of the field.
  • Forfeiting rules have been updated.

For detailed changes, please refer to the released rule document with marked changes. The document also includes notes where rule changes are planned but as of yet undefined (i.e. the technical challenges will change in 2015).

We invite everybody to discuss pending decisions, to make additional suggestions and give feedback. Only in this way, the rules will be able to address the concerns of all teams. Please provide feedback via the HL mailing list.